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Revolutionizing Eye Health: Fortifeye Eye Pressure and Neuro Cognitive Support

Fortifeye Eye Pressure and Neuro Cognitive Support brings the latest in nutritional support to the optic nerve and brain. 

Glaucoma is an eye disease that comes on usually with out any advanced notice. It is often times called “the sneak thief of your site”.  If glaucoma goes undetected and untreated it can lead to progressive optic nerve atrophy and potential blindness. Currently the mode of treatment is to lower the intra ocular pressure to an acceptable level to prevent progressive optic nerve damage.  Our current modalities of treatment consist of topical and oral medications, laser procedures and surgical intervention. Even with what we think is acceptable intra ocular pressure some patients will continuously get worse. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a natural way to support healthy intra-ocular pressure and have neuroprotective properties too? Imagine if this was available in an easy to swallow capsule at an affordable price. 

Fortifeye Eye Pressure and Neuro Cognitive Support introduces cutting-edge nutritional support for the optic nerve and brain.  Fortifeye Vitamins has extensively followed the nutritional science in this field for years. Numerous studies have highlighted the benefits of a specific combination of Pine bark extract and Bilberry, known as Mirtogenol. These studies demonstrate that Mirtogenol  significantly lowers intra ocular pressure and enhances the effectiveness of many glaucoma medications in further reducing pressure when used together. 

Mirtogenol, has demonstrated successful outcomes in various prominent eye care centers, offering hope for improved eye health and vision protection.
Mirtogenol works with Latanoprost better than Latanoprost by itself:
Mirtogenol in combination with other glaucoma meds is more effective than glaucoma meds alone:

Mirtogenol prevents ganglion cell apoptosis:

New clinical studies have verified potential neuroprotective properties of a derivative of spearmint called Neumentix.  In a study released in November 2023, it has been conclusively demonstrated that Neumentix, developed by Kemin Industries, holds promising benefits in the realm of glaucoma. The research indicates that Neumentix, a plant-based nootropic, exhibits the potential to alleviate oxidative and inflammatory stress on both the optic nerve and the brain.  This science reveals Neumentix has neuroprotective properties for the retinal ganglion cells . Neuroprotection has a valid role in glaucoma patients since sometimes lowering intra-ocular pressure is not enough.  

This animal study suggests that Neumenrix  may contribute to the maintenance of healthy retinal ganglion cell layer and nerve fiber layer, while simultaneously promoting optimal blood flow to the eye. An additional benefit is the nutritional support to enhance attention, cognition and working memory.  This new study opens up exciting possibilities for the utilization of Neumentix in nutritional support for the optic nerve and brain.  

Fortifeye Vitamins has combined both Mirtogenol and Neumentix in a new supplement called Fortifeye Eye Pressure and Neuro Cognitive Support . This brings the very latest in evidence based nutritional support to the brain and optic nerve. This could have a potential positive impact on the future of eye care.  


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  1. My eye pressure was 22 and my eye Dr told me it wasn’t glaucoma yet but he wanted to bring the pressure down a bit. He asked me to try Fortifeye Eye Pressure and Neuro Cognitive Support for two months. We were both pleasantly surprised to see that my eye pressure came down to 17. Thank you Fortifeye.

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