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Fortifeye Fit is the best pre workout supplement and best post workout supplement all in one

Fortifeye Fit is a combination of the latest clinically studied evidence based nutrients that work together to support strong and healthy muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. This sports nutrition supplement was developed to to give the fuel for quick explosive power and prolonged energy . These studied nutrients also help to promote strength and endurance while improving skin health too. Fortifeye Fit is developed to be used as a pre workout supplement and a post workout supplement all in one container. Fortifeye Fit is The ultimate muscle fuel. Dr Michael Lange

Fortifeye Fit Gives Me Energy and Tastes Good

I just wanted to let you know how much I like the Fortifeye Fit that Dr Michael Lange has created. I prefer the strawberry watermelon flavor but the fruit punch is also good. It gives me energy and tastes good without being too sweet and is easy to mix up and use for both pre-and post workout fuel and it is less containers to carry to the gym. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

Thank you doc! Dr Lori Caputi

This product is amazing!

The first time I tried Fortifeye Fit, after Dr. Lange had introduced it, I had a surge of energy that bursted out of my body right after I took it. To test it, I stopped using after a week. My energy was not the same. I went back and tried it again 5 minutes before I started my afternoon workout session. Wow, That was amazing. My energy came back the same. I was able to lift more weights without any fatigue or muscles weaknesses. This product is amazing. I am going to keep on taking it from now on. I would gladly recommend it to anyone who wants to build muscles or needs a boost at the gym. I shared it with a few of my friends who are as amazed as I was.

Fortifeye fit is really a great product.

Thanks for putting it together.

Have a nice day.


I am thrilled!

Fortifeye Super Omega 3 Fish Oil. My optometrist told me to take it for floaters I had in one eye. I did and the floaters I had for years disappeared in a few short months. This was years ago and they have never appeared again. I am thrilled!

Cynthia K

Helped me perform better at school

Fortifeye Super Omega-3 Fish Oil has helped me perform better at school. Very helpful when you’re focusing a lot on multiple subjects all the while your body being cleaned.


Highly recommend!

Have used Fortifeye products for years specifically Fish Oil and Focus 2014 and they have taken care of my dry eye problem. Highly recommend!

Fran Lenzo

Extremely Satisfied!

Both focus & Macular Defense. I have been taking both for 9-10 years and my MD has been stable. Extremely Satisfied!

Anne B

My numbers got better every year

Eye vitamins without zinc. My prescription has been the same since 1995. When I was seeing Dr. Lange my numbers got better every year so sticking with them. I am 83 and have good eye sight.

Bernice B

I love all your products

I love all your products. The one I’ve used the longest is your protein powder. I have been making smoothies with it for about 4 yrs now. I am 82 yrs. old and have very few health problems. I added Fortifeye Focus a couple of years ago and I feel very well. No colds, flu for 20 yrs so I can’t complain. I also listen to the radio every Sat and learn so much. I tell all my friends to check it out.

Thank you for the wonderful job you do.

Karen B

I can tell if I skip a day

I take four of the Fortifeye gel caps as recommended by my ophthalmologist for dry eye. These are very helpful and I can tell if I skip a day.

Karen B

Blood work is proof

Super Omega-3 Max Fish Oil. This product does promote improved Triglycerides & Healthy Cholesterol as my Blood work has proven. Thank You Fortifeye Vitamins.

Jean C

Fish Oil is our favorite

Fish Oil is our favorite. It does not leave any aftertaste. Reliable delivery.

Bruce C

Fortifeye Super Omega-3 works great!

Fortifeye super omega-3 fish oil works great! I use it for my dry eyes.

Jean A

Very happy with the products

Omega 3 products is what I have bought – I am very happy with the products I have purchased so far – I know that they are high quality – I listen to the radio show on Saturday morning and that’s how I have got the information I needed to make the purchases – thank you and keep up the good work.

Scott B

Really helps my dry eyes

Great service. Useful products. Really helps my dry eyes.

Peggy C

Best quality around

I like Focus, fish oil and the complete multi because they are the best quality around!

Lori C

Fortifeye Focus really helps

Fortifeye Focus – I work on the computer all day and it really helps.

Jocelyn C

I’m able to see a difference

I take a lot of vitamins and still feel the same. Fortifeye Focus is the only pill I take that I’m able to see a difference, no pun intended. For me, I will not go without it. Thank you Fortifeye.

Robert F Amaden

Astariel talking about what’s in Focus

Because of the show’s that have the lady from Astariel talking about what’s in Focus and what it does for the eyes.

MaryAnn B

Macular Defense is key

As one with macular degeneration this is key preventive for slowing down further damage.

Marsha B

Your product fits my problem

Macular defense. I have macular degeneration and feel your product fits my problem.

Molly A

Fortifeye has helped immensely.

Fortifeye, my optometrist recommended them & they have helped immensely. I wish you would offer a 10% discount on a 3 month supply + free shipping with automatic renewal shipments.

Nina W

Delivery is very much appreciate

I ran out of your vitamins and had to buy it from a drugstore. I have back pain and it is hard for me to stand in line to be waited on. So the delivery by mail is very much appreciate. Plus the product that I bought at the drugstore was harder to swallow. I only buy this vitamin E which was recommended by my doctor.

Lucy Achgill A

Super Omega 3 Max has helped my dry eye

Super Omega 3 Max has helped my dry eye and optimized my general health.

Debra B

Fortifeye Macular Defense reduced my macular degeneration

Fortifeye macular defense. My optician recommended I start taking these after she diagnosed that I have early signs of macular degeneration. Subsequent eye exams have shown significant improvement: one eye no longer shows any indication of macular degeneration; the other eye shows so little sign of degeneration that she wouldn’t even mention the problem if she hadn’t already made the diagnosis earlier.

Dennis B

Fish oil contributes to my overall health

The concentrated fish oil. I believe that the dosing contributes to my overall health and is not a ineffective supplement.

Clifford A

Great customer service

Great customer service whether online or at the new location in Ocala. Fortifeye products help to keep me going, with better eyesight and overall health.


Advanced dry eye therapy is my favorite combination

Advanced dry eye therapy is my favorite combination of Fortifeye products. Taking them regularly makes a big difference keeping my eyes moist and comfortable.

David R

No Fishy Aftertaste

There is no aftertaste or burping or fishy smell. I’ve been using Fortifeye Omega-3 fish oil for years and now my husband is a believer too.

Gayle S

Taking Fortifeye Fish Oil, Black Currant Oil, and Focus daily for dry eyes

Dr. Mike,

I love the taste of the Fish Oil softgels. I have been chewing one of those with one of the Black Currant Oil softgels when I take it, and I can barely notice the taste of the black currant oil. Since my original message, I have been taking Fortifeye Fish Oil, Black Currant Oil, and Focus daily for about three weeks for dry eyes. (I have been splitting the dosage of the fish oil softgels, so that I take one in the morning and one at night.) The wonderful news is that most of the symptoms of my dry eyes have completely disappeared, especially when I am not wearing my contacts.

I am a university professor, so I do use my eyes a lot. I plan to continue to take the three products as directed–in fact, I recently reordered the three and have set up a monthly delivery. I thought I was taking a good quality fish oil–Carlson Elite–but yours is apparently much better. Meanwhile, I am sure that I wasn’t getting enough Astaxanthin in my diet.

So thanks for your products and your interest in treating ailments with supplements!

Best wishes, Patricia

Instagram video from jeff167

Fortifeye for life!

Dr. Mike,

I want to thank you. You have given me back my zest for life. I have been going through a horrendous couple of years but since starting on your Fortifeye products and the Lange diet I am feeling sooo much better. A 100% improvement!!

I’m back to running and biking daily. The diet plan keeps me full and satisfied. Someday I will meet you and give you a big hug to show my appreciation!

Fortifeye for life!

Barbara Kays P.S.-Happy Birthday!

“Grace of God” testimony of Dr Michael Lange

My testimony makes me a believer in the “Grace of God.”

I pray that what I am about to write will touch and medicate you heart as much as it did mine.

I first became aware of Dr. Michael Lange and his clinic thru some information on the internet. I e-mailed him, and something I said in that e-mail, prompted him to call me on his way home after work. We talked until he arrived home and, it seemed like it was quite a while. How rare it is to find ANY Dr. that would do that. The Grace of God, ” again!!

I told Dr. Lange that I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration on Aug. 14, 2008. The education and instructions he gave me, after that, began my blessed experience with him and with Lange Eye Institute since Dec. 19, 2011.

The best and most secure way to know you are getting the right treatment for the most valuable and precious part of our body that God gave us. “OUR EYES,” you must have someone like Dr. Lange treating you. WHY??? 1. To have the best knowledge, education, and wisdom to treat you….. 2. A genuine compassion for his patients…. 3. To see the full fruition of his labors to become a Dr., fulfilled in the healing and help of his patients….for whom he really cares….. 4. Here is a really good one. I DO NOT care what time of day or night it is, you e-mail him and he answers almost before you click “send.” Hahaha I may have e-mailed a little too much, but, he never made me feel as tho I did….. 5. He practices what he preaches. He takes good care of himself outdoors and indoors. He does not ask you to do what he won’t ! 6. All of the info he has on his products, diet, what to drink, booklets on his products that are easy to pass around to help others, and information of which you can make copies and have them handy anywhere. The copies of foods to eat, I have one in my glove compartment of my car, so when I go to the store and forget…..don’t laugh ! 7. The education on his web sight is Awesome !! No excuse for not being informed.

Are your eyes crying for attention? then Dr Michael Lange is the one I would mention…..

If you can possibly find anyone better…. I want to know…Just send me a letter….

At his clinic you will find it all…. Just pick up the phone and give him a call !!!

Bea Lown El Paso, Tx.

Sean C- Fortifeye Super Omega

Fortifeye Super Omega-3 and Fortifeye Focus Testimonial

I suffer from post-LASIK severe dry eye syndrome now for three years. I have lived in locations ranging from Anchorage, AK, to Denver, CO, to my final destination of Outerbanks, NC.

I have studied all aspects of what makes my dry eyes better and worse. The easy ones, snow skiing, flights, computers, reading, and dwelling on how I screwed my eyes up worsen my condition. Humidity helps; in particular, humidity levels greater than 80% really helps, but greater than 70% is not too bad either. Once I get to humidity levels less than 60%, it doesn’t matter where I am, it often sucks.

Oddly, my eyes did worse in Anchorage than Denver. Now oddities are probably individualized, for instance: kite surfing and surfing only worsen my condition that following night (but if I flush my eyes with fresh water afterward, it is not as bad); however my eyes do a little better the following two or three days after being in the salt water.

Reading on the computer while blowing into a hot drink provides humidity/moisture relief. Coffee does not make my eyes worse. Two beers makes my eyes red and then dry the following morning, but they improve within hours.

Various drops seem to only provide relief for minutes. Thicker drops provide burning relief but are “bulky” and thus mildly uncomfortable in my eye.

Due to having small punctum, I am unsure if lower plugs provide a large relief or not. They seem to help me with my morning wake up dry eyes. So they have their place. Have not tried the upper plugs yet.

Looking for an answer, and seeing none, I sought advice from Dr. Michael Lange at The Lange Eye Institute in the Villages Florida .

Feeling I would try anything, I tried Fortifeye Focus and Fortifeye Super Omega-3. For six months, living in North Carolina with elevated humidity levels, I finally decreased my drop requirements from 4-6 times per day, to mornings only. Unsure if it was the vitamins or humidity, I would trial stopping the vitamins. Three various periods, with humidity levels at least over 70%, on cessation day # ~5, my eyes starting bothering me more. Each time I restarted the vitamins, and within a few days my eyes felt better.

Still unsure if other factors were weighing in on these trials, when my eyes felt the best they have in three years, I stopped the vitamins. Within two weeks, I felt my eyes gradually get worse. They had regressed to roughly their original dry levels. Thinking there was no hope, as I did not fly anywhere, had no recent colds, had not changed any daily factors, nor had the humidity levels dropped less than 70%; I was nervous. I restarted the vitamins (taking two Fortifeye Super Omega-3 and one Fortifeye Focus) and after three weeks, my eyes are close to being back to as good as they ever have been.

I cannot stress the importance of sleep, as well.

I think dry eyes is really an individualized syndrome. However, for me, the vitamins seem to help. I believe they might be as effective as punctal plugs for me. More importantly, they seem to calm some of the inflammatory response / burning for whatever reason.

At this point, I view the Fortifeye vitamins, more as a medicine, without the side effects. And with this medicine, I take it daily and now confidently believe the combination of sleep and Fortifeye has made a significant difference in my life.

Sean C

Greg Slayton

Thanks for the discount on the fortifeye focus, I have been taking it for three years and will never stop. I am on a computer all day long and this has really eliminated my eye strain! Also wanted to say I love the new blue green superfood. I have never been able to tolerate greens drinks until now. – Greg

Tom Bluemling

Hi Dr. Lange, I’m writing to describe by positive results with your products, most specifically Super Protein. I’m a 66 year old male who has dealt with heart palpitations for 20-30 years. Each family physician I talked with said it was stress or lack of sleep. I grew to just accept it. About six months ago, Dr Lange suggested I try the Super Protein to promote overall health. After a month, I began to notice a marked change in the occurrence of palpitations. I mentioned this to Dr Lange. He immediately said four things can cause palpitations. As my family physicians had said, stress, sleep and dehydration , however, Dr. Lange also said a lack of Glutathione can cause the problem. Super Protein contains the Glutathione. My palpitations have decrease immeasurably. I owe it to Dr. Lange and his products. I trust Dr. Lange for my eyes and my nutritional needs. Thanks Dr. Lange. Tom Bluemling

Craig H. Cebert,Sr

After seeing you for my regular appointment last week,I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You.

I have been your patient for 14 years and it started out pretty scary for me when a year before I met you I had a diagnosis of early macular degeneration. It was evident in the pictures we saw at that time.

You put me on a treatment of Fortifeye supplements and as we saw again last week that I have no more evidence of macular degeneration now. I consider this fortifeye product as saving my eye sight.

Please feel free to use this letter as an endorsement of your treatment and care for my eyes.

Thank You again Dr. Lange. I really feel you have saved my eye sight which is 20/20 now with corrective lenses.

Craig H. Cebert,Sr

Charlie G. loving Blue Light Defense Lenses

I purchased the plus 2 readers using the Blue light Defense lens! I was kind of skeptical at first but oh my goodness was I surprised at the difference. I don’t feel the “heat” coming from the computer screen that I work in front of all day and I really am dreaming again. It’s truly amazing. I’m really glad I invested in the blue light defense lenses.  Thank you Dr. Lange. I am Looking forward to the new protein drink!! Charlie G. Gainesville



Sjogren’s Syndrome

Benefits of the Fortifeye Regime For my Dry Eyes I have Sjogren’s Syndrome which renders a very severe dry eye problem. I have tried many different things and am at the present time wearing Scleral lenses.  I am on a regime Dr. Lange suggested which includes Fortifeye Super Omega 3 Fish Oil, Fortifeye Focus, Scrubbing the eye lids in the morning and evening with Ocusoft foaming lid cleanser and using the Bruder mask at night.  My eyes are not perfect but they are so much better than they were.  My eyes were burning, aching, very sensitive to light and it was hard to see. 

Thank you, Dr.  Lange for getting me on a new path with my dry eyes. Leah L. Clearwater FL.  

Glenda about Ocusoft Baby!

Anyone looking for GREAT lid hygiene read this!!!! I found out “Ocusoft Baby” wipes have the IDENTICAL ingredients (at less cost) as Ocusoft Plus wipes. I am so excited about this I have to tell my experience since using them in place of Ocusoft Plus or regular wipes & the differences I find between the products: Ocusoft Baby has very…very “large” wipes (almost like a real baby wipe) they are not the small square wipes that you have to cut in half to save cost, they are extremely soft! not gritty yet still Continue reading 

D. Westlake-Brandon FL.

Dr. Lange, I love the pace of your radio program Ask the Dr! I deliver flowers.. and listen to 1250 mostly.. so I hear Duke & Doc, Bob Marshall, Bittiker, Garco, and YOU.. You’re the BEST in every way.. content, useful info.. pace.. Pace is so important. You’re so SWEET and patient with the callers .. but again.. TIME is precious and you have so much knowlege to share. Keep up your GREAT work. I wish you were on the air more often. By the way: I dont ever mind re-hearing your previous Saturday show on the next Friday 

God bless you! D. Westlake-Brandon FL.

Penny M. – Ocala, FL

Over the last year, I had been having problems with my eyes; those being of extreme dryness, blurriness, and a consistent worsening of my eyesight. I was actually leery of going to have my eyes checked just out of fear of what I may learn, (which is not the answer). I had been seeing Fortifeye products and decided to order online, at a ridiculously low price. Within the first 10 Days, my eyes began ‘seeing’ immediate results. The dryness has almost totally disappeared. I can actually see without my glasses, sometimes even better without them.  They are not itching and burning as before. The best part is that I can not only read and work on the computer much better, but I can also see better to drive at night. I can only say Fortifeye is a blessing not to mention an absolute miracle; I truly believe a product that can save eyesight around the globe. I have never known of any other product on the market that can do what Fortifeye has done for me and my eyesight.

May God grace you Dr. Michael Lange with many blessings in which to continue your good work.

Penny M. – Ocala, FL.

Chariese Y.

I can honestly say, my dry eyes have been doing so much better now that I have been taking Fortifeye and following Dr. Lange’s Dry eye steps. I am taking Fortifeye One-Per-Day Multivitamin, Fortifeye Super Omega-3 Fish oil, Retaine MGD along with Oasis Tears Plus. Words can not express how relieved and thankful I am! I’m looking forward to and will keep following Dr. Lange’s Dry eye remedies!

Chariese Y. – Indianapolis, IN.

Dale J. Block, MD

“As health professionals, we believe it is important to know what you put into your body. We recognize the efforts that have gone into the research and development for Fortifeye Complete Plus vitamins. This ensures a comprehensive and up-to-date vitamin supplement to complement a healthy diet. Not all vitamins are created equal! Micronutrient analysis reveals the superiority of Fortifeye Complete Plus vitamins. These vitamins have become a part of our daily regimen for a healthy lifestyle.”

– Dale J. Block, MD Board-certified Family Medicine Founder, The Center for Health Change

– Ellen G. Block Health and Wellness Educator Manager, The Center for Health Change

Dr. Michael Lange

“I have seen dramatic improvement in my patients’ visual health and overall health after they start taking the Fortifeye products. In some cases, visual acuity has improved for both healthy patients as well as those with AMD. On a daily basis I am getting positive feedback from my patients.”

I recommend all of my patients with macular degeneration to take the Fortifeye Complete Macular Defense. I recommend all other patients to take The Fortifeye Complete Plus as a form of prevention. I like to use the Fortifeye Super Omega on all of my dry eye patients, contact lens intolerant patients and as a pre Lasik surgery regiment. Fortifeye Focus is great for those patients that are on a computer a lot or have chronic inflammation.  I have been using Fortifeye Products since 2005 with great success.

– Michael Lange OD, CNS Lange Eye Care & Associates and Lange Eye Institute Ocala, Florida


“As a diabetic, I am worried about losing my eyesight. The Fortifeye Complete product is the best I have ever taken. I believe that my vision is getting better — I know that I am finally getting a supplement that is RIGHT for me.”

– J.L Grand Rapids, Michigan


“Fortifeye Dry Eye Therapy has allowed me to stop using any drops or tear products during the day. My eyes were light sensitive, dry , blurry and burning all day long. After a short time on Fortifeye those symtoms have diminished and my vision is sharp and clear again. I am very impressed with this product.”

– W.J. New York, NY

Robert Mames, M.D.

“Fortifeye Macular Defense is a unique mixure of vitamins, minerals and whole food complexes designed for the patient suffering from age-related macular degeneration. Not only does Fortifeye Macular Defense satisfy the AREDS requirements, but it goes above and beyond by adding other potentially beneficial ingredients to thwart the progression of age-related macular degeneration.”

– Robert Mames, M.D. Affiliate Assistant Professor, University of Florida Founder, The Retina Center Gainesville, Florida

Herman B.

“Thank you so much for starting me on Fortifeye Complete and Macular Defense. I have been using these two supplements since the middle of 2006 with excellent reults. I’ve had macular degeneration problems for over 20 years; apparently your supplements are effective, as your exam revealed an improvement in my eyesight! This is the first time with an improvement, even though I have been taking other supplements for my condition over the years.

It was indeed fortunate for me that you introduced me to Fortifeye Complete and Fortifeye Macular Defense. Taking them has obviously benefited my eyes. I thank you again.”

Sincerely, – Herman (Hy) B.

Henry P.

I am a 64 yo male that has been wearing contact lenses for a few years. I have never been able to wear the lenses for more than a few hours without having to use rewetting drops. The lenses would tend to dry out and my vision would start to blurr unless i used rewetting drops eight to ten times a day. My Optometrist recommended that I try the Fortifeye Super Omega two times a day and Fortifeye Focus one time a day. Wow , what a difference! After one month of using the Super Omega and the Focus  I can now wear the contact lenses all day without any irritation or dryness and i dont have to use rewetting drops at all anymore. I have also noticed my skin is more hydrated with virtually no dry areas anymore. I would never have believed a product could have worked so well and so quickly.

– Henry P. Dunnellon Florida

Dr. Martin Burger

I have been into heavy weight lifting and training since I have been in high school, now that I am 40yrs of age I have noticed that after working out the following morning I have joint pain and stiffness. After taking the Fortifeye complete for approximately three weeks the pain and stiffness in my joints has just about vanished. This allows me to be pain free while performing Lasik surgery. Thanks Fortifeye.

– Dr. Martin Burger Ophthalmologist/Lasik surgeon Chicago, IL

Kala M.

Several months ago I inquired about lasix surgery. Fortifeye Super Omega was recommended as a pre procedure regimen resulting in increasing tear production. I began the recommended dosage as instructed. Three weeks later I noticed several changes, my skin was more moist, hair more shiny and my eyes felt almost lubricated. The only thing that had changed in my diet and lifestyle was that I had implemented the Fortifeye Super Omega. I was amazed.

I had even tried to use “similar” brands and concentrations, however the results pale in comparison to the high standards that Fortifeye has yield. After having Lasix surgery, I have had no complications nor chronic dryness that is a frequent side effect. I attribute my positive results to Fortifeye Super Omega.

Needless to say, I have returned to Fortifeye Super Omega implementing it as part of my daily regimen again. Several family and friends have joined me in adding Fortifeye  into their lives upon my recommendation.

With the addition of such a high concentration of Omega 3  into my lifestyle it has enabled me to combat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and decrease my Cholestrol, therefore, no longer taking ‘statin’ medications. Not only does Fortifeye Super Omega assist with Chronic and preventative dry eyes, it assists the whole body into a state of wellness in a natural manner.

I will continue to stay on the daily regimen of Fortifeye , as well as recommend it to others.

– Kala M. Registered Nurse Gainesville, Fl

Mark Schinderle O.D.

I have had very dry eyes for the last four years since I had Lasik surgery. I have been using a multitude of different brands of prescription and non prescription eye drops to help decrease my dry eye symptoms. After being on the Fortifeye Complete for only two weeks I have noticed a significant improvement in my dry eyes and I am living drop free and loving it. I have had many patients relay similar improvements while taking the Fortifeye Complete. I am excited about being able to offer my patients a whole body supplement that targets the eyes that I truely believe in.

– Mark Schinderle O.D. Michigan

John Harvey

In ten months of taking the Fortifeye Complete Macular Defense i went from 20/200 vsion in both eyes to 20/60 vision and regained my drivers license. I am thankful to my eye doctor who recommended Fortifeye Vitamins for my macular degeneration. The only thing I have done differently is added these vitamins, so i will continue them.

Karen Holt

I am an avid tennis player and have developed quite a few aches and pains in my joints over the years. Fortifeye Complete Plus has helped decrease my joint pain considerably and I think my night vision has also improved a bit.

Al Rosas

Dr. Michael Lange is not only the “Eye Care” physician of my entire family he is also the firm believer in better food for a better life. He thinks out side the box to deliver the best in eye care for everyone. When he could not find supplements that were good enough. that promoted better vision, He created them. that is dedication and good honest caring for your clients. Something we all need to see more of.

– Al Rosas The Organic Chef

Dr. Nathan Schramm

Dr. Michael Lange is the main reason for my move to North Central Florida from South Florida. He is a pioneer in the field of nutritional eye care and his patients absolutely love him! Many of his patients have been with him since he started practice in Florida and they refuse to see any other doctor. He was the first eye doctor in FL to use intracellular nutrient blood testing and this is a huge asset we both use to better manage our macular degeneration and glaucoma patients. Many of his patients have told me that he is responsible for their recovery of lost vision through improved diet, supplements, and lastly surgery. I highly recommend Michael Lange, OD.

– Dr. Nathan Schramm Florida

Kevin Tambling

Dr Michael P Lange is a leader in the fields of vision care, optometry, and nutrition, and has developed Fortifeye, a new line of pharmaceutical vitamins.

– Kevin Tambling Sr Consultant, Accelerated Global, Inc.

Edward P. DeRosa

“My energy level has never been higher in the last 10 years since starting the Fortifeye Complete Vitamins. These Fortifeye Complete Vitamins have given me the extra boost making my tough days seem that much easier. Thanks for helping me have a much better experience everyday I stay on the Fortifeye Complete program.”

– Edward P. DeRosa Signet Armolite Inc. – CA

Al Hernandez

Dr. Michael Lange is an extremely knowledgeable physician who cares for his patients well-being. I am pleased to have worked and experienced the level of detail, care and professionalism that he exhibits. I personally take his vitamins and fish oil. I have experienced the benefits with regards to my energy levels and managing my blood pressure. I highly recommend his products.

– Al Hernandez Regional Practice Leader, Humana

Bill Heiny

I have found Fortifeye provides a higher levels of nutrients, vitamins, and anti-oxidants than what i have been taking. The most surprising aspect, Fortifeye costs me less.

– Bill Heiny Student, Xavier University

Mike Rothschild

As a doctor, I always want to do what is best for my patients. I have always known that nutrition is important, not only for the eyes, but for the overall well-being of the person. When I witnessed fellow optometrist, Dr. Michael Lange level of expertise and passion, I knew I wanted to learn more. Dr. Michael Lange taught me the value of concentrating on my patient’s nutritional needs. He makes it simple for me to understand and simple for me to explain to my patients. I recommend the Fortifeye line of vitamins and supplements, with confidence. I also take the vitamins myself.

– Mike Rothschild President / Optometrist West Georgia Eye Care

Lori Caputi

Dr. Michael P. Lange is the most innovative optometrist that I have ever known. He continues to expand his practices and businesses in a down economy and succeed. I really enjoyed working for Dr. Michael P. Lange and hope to do so again in the future when we return to Florida. I also highly recommend Fortifeye vitamins and use them myself. I can’t wait to see where his career will take him next!!

– Lori Caputi Optometrist, ECCA-Visionworks

Larry Whitler

Dr.Michael Lange is the only doctor I would ever recommend for complete eye care and for nutritional expertise. The Fortifeye vitamin line he developed has made a huge difference for my physical well being that I first noticed about two months after I began using the supplements. My distant vision became clearer. Afterwards I noticed a difference in my level of overall energy.

– Larry Whitler Radio Talk show host and musician

Larry, Florida

“I’ve taken the One-A-Day type of vitamin since I was a kid. I’m now 52. Sometime in my 40’s I began to have trouble seeing the numbers and letters on the phone buttons. That need for “reading glasses” is inevitable, as I learned from Dr. Lange. Still, my distance vision was always perfect. Then, about two years ago, I was in a car accident and shortly thereafter I noticed that highway billboards and other distant things were looking a little blurry. I chalked it up to the aging thing. When Dr. Lange first developed the Fortifeye vitamins I began taking them mostly because I knew Dr. Lange had put a lot into them and I had heard a lot about the inefficiency of the one-a-day types. About a month after taking the Fortifeye vitamins I noticed one day that I could read a movie marquee clearly. I looked around for other distant things to read, like license plates, restaurant signs, etc. and the blurriness had cleared up. I truly believe the blurriness was caused by my car accident and then corrected by the proper nutrients that Dr. Lange incorporated into the Fortifeye vitamins. I highly recommend them.”

Tammie Holland

Dr. Michael P. Lange is one of the most well versed optometric physicians I have ever met. He is keenly aware of what role nutritional deficiencies may play as it relates to specific conditions of the eye. His supplement line is based on years of research as to which products and ingredients would best meet the needs of his patients and their medical condition. Dr. Lange stresses the importance of early prevention and Fortifeye is key to achieving not only optimal eye health but overall health as well.

– Tammie Holland Region Manager/ Florida SpectraCell Laboratories

Paul Wright

I am 82 years old and have had Macular Degeneration and Dry Eyes for almost five years. I started taking Fortifeye Complete Macular Defense about three months ago and recently visited my ophthamologist and was pleasntly surprised that my vision has improved. I have also noticed that my dry eyes have improved to the point of using the drops very infrequently now.

L Scott

I have known Dr. Michael Lange for many years in and out of the eye care field, his work ethic and attention to details is outstanding. These products he has at Fortifeye are one of the best if not the best because of the research and ingredients placed in his products. I can recommend any without hesitation–Big L

– Big L Scott Owner, NOLA EYEWORKS

Carl Tela

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Michael P. Lange of Lange Eye Care for well over 10 years. I have been amazed at what I have seen Dr. Lange accomplish in that short period of time. I was first impressed by the regular weekly radio and TV programs, “Ask the Doctor”, that he has been hosting since 1993 . He is reaching out to his community with real advice for patients who had no idea that they should see an eye doctor. I have seen how committed he is to the health of his patients by introducing the Fortifeye line of vitamins. No question that the success Lange Eye Care and Associates has been from the exceptional care and service of his very broad patient base.

– Carl Tela Consultant Vision Systems, Inc

Dr. David Todd

Dr. Michael P Lange amazes me. I’ve been working in a larger variety of practice models for over 12 years as an eye care provider. I’ve worked with the worst and the best ; doctors, scientists and business people. Dr. Michael Lange is one of those who I would call the best. He is charismatic and comforting to hundredrs of patients a week focusing specifically on each one. Dr. Lange is passionate about wellness and nutrition and has created Fortifeye Vitamins one of the best supplement lines in the world simply because he thought it needed doing. He has built one of the largest and best ophthalmic referral centers in the Southeast but is as friendly and approachable as a new graduate. He’s a natural entertainer on his radio shows but remains one of the smartest, most up to date clinical eye doctors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I have worked with Dr. Michael P. Lange for about a year and found that whether you’re making an appointment as a patient or putting together a business venture with him, you’re going to get more than your money’s worth.

– Dr. David Todd Optometric Physician and Consultant

Roberto Benitez

I initially began taking The Fortifeye Complete Vitamin supplement to maximize my visual performance and keep my eyes healthy. After only a short period of time I noticed a positive change in my energy with my workouts. I feel stronger and more energetic since I have been on these supplements. The Fortifeye Vitamins have all the essential nutrients needed for my active lifestyle and helps me to maintain good eye and total body health.

– Roberto Benitez US Olympian Professional Boxer

Mark A. Hanson, O.D.

I have been taking Fortifeye Focus for several months now. I am an optometrist and avid 58-year old runner. I noticed a month ago after my first 8K run of this race season that my leg muscles were not sore at all. Last weekend, I ran a 20K road race and, once again, experienced no leg soreness. I also noticed I had increased endurance in running up hills in the race. I have run this same 20K race the last 14 years and my leg muscles always get sore after I finish. Additionally, my time for this year’s race was 8 minutes faster than last year and 10 minutes faster than two years ago. I am a firm believer that the astaxanthin in Fortifeye Focus helps with muscle endurance and recovery. Additionally, I take Fortifeye Complete Plus and Fortifeye Super Omega. Heart disease is prevalent in my family so it important for me to stay healthy through exercise and nutrition. Thank you, Dr. Lange, for creating the Fortifeye nutritional supplements.

– Mark A. Hanson, O.D. Eye Care of Iowa, P.C. Des Moines, Iowa

Esther Hardy

We love The Fortifeye Super Omega-3 fish oil. We listen to Dr. Lange on 97.3FM WSKY out of Gainesville every Saturday at 9am. My husband’s C-Reactive Protein level has been reduced from greater than 15 to 1….Amazing combination therapy for colitis when combined with a probiotic. This combination has turned the quality of his life around. Thank you for the best omega 3 on the market!

Jocelyn Cation

Since December 2012 to currant (about three months now) I have been taking three Fortifeye products and would like to share my testimonial. I work on a computer all day; I have noticed since taking the Fortifeye Complete Macular Defense, Fortifeye Focus, and Fortifeye Super Omega 3 Fish Oil that my eyes do not hurt by the end of the day, they are not dry like they used to be, first thing in the morning It does not hurt to focus on the computer like it used to. I love these three items and have recommended them to several people! I noticed a difference within a month of using these products. I also like the fact for my eyes and other health related issues that the Fortifeye Macular Defense and Fortifeye Focus provide alot of antioxidants.I am also taking the Nanoreds and Nanogreens daily (high ORAC values in each one). Please continue with your radio show – I love listening to it!

– Thank you

Mark Thompson

First,I’d like to THANK YOU Dr Lange…My dry eye problem (which was severe) is 100% fine after taking Fortifeye for several months. I will continue taking your supplements. Just amazing, I truly have zero symptoms now–yes, zero! I will see you in a few weeks for my appointment at your Ocala location for a check-up. Also…my Mother’s local Sarasota Dr. detected some early dry Macular Degeneration. For the first time this week (he did not find MD at her annual appt. 12 months ago) She has been told she will go blind (you can image the sorrow my Mom has with those words replaying every day in her mind). She is 76,has not noticed anything unusual with her vision at all. I ordered your Fortifeye Complete Macular Defense today. My mother is taking your Fortifeye Focus, Super omega-3 fish oil and following your diet recommendations as well.I will do anything,to help her delay (hopefully stop) the on set of this. Thank you again for your help and all that you are doing to help patients.



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