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Fortifeye Rejuvenate

Available In 4 Flavors Including

Unflavored, Pink Lemonade, Cherry Vanilla, & Chocolate

Introducing Fortifeye Rejuvenate, a groundbreaking evidence-based nutritional supplement heralding a new era in skin and joint care that includes 9 superfoods using the Dermaval® collagen blend, which include Pomegranate Extract, Asparagus, Okra, CoffeeBerry® Extract, Quercetin, Acerola, Camu Camu, Acai, and Mangosteen.

Harnessing the power of Marine collagen TRIPEPTIDES, hyaluronic acid , rice ceramides, Dermaval®, PureWay liposomal vitamin c, biotin, and a meticulously selected array of clinically proven ingredients, this innovative formula addresses the visible signs of aging in skin, hair, and nails.

Beyond surface-level concerns, Fortifeye Rejuvenate acknowledges the discomfort associated with aging joints, aiming to enhance overall quality of life. Pre-order Rejuvenate NOW! Simply choose your flavor, click the add to cart button, and complete checkout and you will receive your order by the end of December!

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Step into a new era of wellness with Fortifeye Rejuvenate, a revolutionary nutritional supplement that transcends traditional skincare boundaries. This groundbreaking product stands as a testament to evidence-based nutrition, meticulously crafted to redefine the standards of skin and joint care. Fortifeye Rejuvenate isn’t just a supplement; it’s a holistic approach to aging gracefully, featuring a blend of nine plant-based superfoods powered by the Dermaval® collagen blend.  Dermaval has been shown in clinical studies to protect against collagen and elastin breakdown.

Dive into the goodness of Pomegranate Extract, Acerola, Mangosteen, Camu Camu, Coffee Berry, Asparagus, Açaí, Quercetin and Okra—all carefully selected for their unique properties that synergistically contribute to the overall well-being of your skin, hair, and nails. The Dermaval® collagen blend takes center stage, ensuring a harmonious fusion of these superfoods, each playing a crucial role in nourishing your body from within.

Fortifeye Rejuvenate goes beyond the cosmetic concerns of aging, acknowledging that true vitality extends to the joints and beyond. This innovative formula doesn’t just address surface-level aging; it aims to redefine the aging process by targeting discomfort associated with aging joints, ultimately enhancing your overall quality of life.

The magic doesn’t stop there. Fortifeye Rejuvenate is a symphony of ingredients that includes Marine collagen TRIPEPTIDES, hyaluronic acid, rice ceramides, Liposomal Vitamin C, Biotin, Dermaval® blend and many other vitamins. These elements work in harmony, addressing the visible signs of aging and contributing to a comprehensive solution for maintaining youthful radiance and vitality.

Rejuvenate takes pride in using raw materials that are ASC certified, ensuring the highest standards in aquaculture. This certification guarantees that the ingredients meet rigorous social, environmental, and sustainability criteria. By choosing ASC-certified raw materials, Rejuvenate not only prioritizes quality but also aligns with responsible and eco-friendly fish farming practices, contributing to a more sustainable food supply.

Rejuvenate also stands out by exclusively using tripeptides, which are absorbed intact into the bloodstream, skin, and tissues due to their unique PEPT1 receptors/transporters. Unlike other collagen brands relying on larger amino acid chains, Rejuvenate’s guarantee of a minimum of 15% tripeptides ensures efficient absorption, independent of gastrointestinal processes. This distinctive approach enhances bioactivity, offering a more diverse and efficient collagen experience.

Additionally, Rejuvenate’s tripeptides offer a range of skin and beauty benefits. Acting as homing signals, they attract and increase the population of fibroblasts in damaged areas, promoting tissue repair. These peptides also enhance fibroblast synthesis, replicate cells, boost hyaluronic acid, stimulate ceramide production, and inhibit UV-B-triggered collagen breakdown. With these multifaceted actions, Rejuvenate’s tripeptides contribute to healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

Embark on your journey to rejuvenation by pre-ordering Fortifeye Rejuvenate now! Choosing your preferred flavor is just the beginning—click the add to cart button, breeze through the checkout process, and anticipate the arrival of your order by the end of December. Fortifeye Rejuvenate isn’t just a supplement; it’s a commitment to embracing a new chapter in skincare and joint care. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the future of nutritional supplements, where science meets wellness. Your journey to timeless well-being starts here.


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Scientifically Formulated

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Supporting Science

Morikol Marine Collage Tripeptide is clinically proven to support skin and joint health at industry low dosages. Marine collagen products are naturally very bio available due to their small low molecular weight peptide. Morikol Marine Collagen Tripeptide has taken it to the next level with amazing benefits from a very low dosage through enhanced absorption. Thye have created a proprietary enzymatic process that further breaks down these small peptides into very low molecular weight (300 Daltons) tripeptides that are only 3 amino acids long. Tripeptides have been shown to protect the skin against the harmful photo aging effects of the UVB form the sun. Clinical studies of Marine Collagen Tripeptides at 1 gram a day for 12 weeks had a significant positive impact on skin health. Studies validate enhanced hydration and elasticity of the skin while reducing roughness, crow’s feet and visual wrinkles.


Dermaval™ is a natural complex of 9 superfoods clinically researched and shown to help the body protect against collagen and elastin degradation at low a 50 mg dosage.  2 published studies support a significant inhibition of elastase and collagenase activity with only 50 mg of Dermaval.  These studies prove that Dermaval is useful in helping to preserve the collagen and elastin in our skin.


CeraLok Rice Ceramides – Ceramides occur naturally in our skin and diminish as we age.  Ceramides are responsible for locking in the moisture in our skin and giving it a smooth healthy appearance. Multiple published clinical studies show significant improvement in in skin health with oral ceramide supplementation.  Studies indicate that only 40 mg of CeraLok Rice Ceramides enhanced hydration and moisture while reducing skin roughness and wrinkles in studied subjects.


Liposomal PureWay Vitamin C is a liposomal vitamin c with a phospholipid bilayer backed by multiple clinical studies. Liposomal Pureway vitamin c absorbs better than traditional vitamin c with a 233% higher retention than ascorbic acid.  Vitamin c supports the immune system and helps to promote collagen synthesis along with many other health benefits.  Vitamin c is a vital nutrient for skin and joint health.  Vitamin c is associated with reduced levels of pain and inflammation and may be beneficial for both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Studies suggest vitamin c may help to protect against cartilage damage in osteoarthritis.  Vitamin C also helps to protect against photo aging of the skin from the damaging rays of the sun.


Hyaluronic Acid is a molecule that retains and enhances moisture. Hyaluronic acid is found in the eyes, joints and skin.  Hyaluronic acid decrease with age and along with collagen is responsible for skins moisture, suppleness an elasticity.  It is also responsible for healthy lubricating properties in our joints that also diminishes with age. Clinical studies indicate the appropriate dosage of Hyaluronic acid is 80-200 mg daily.  When clinically studied dosages are used study participants have increased skin moisture and elasticity, decreased dry skin and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.  Decreased knee pain in osteo arthritis and overall support in joint comfort is also a result of taking the appropriate dosage of hyaluronic acid.

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How do I track the status of my order?

You will receive an email with your tracking number after you place an order.

3 reviews for Fortifeye Rejuvenate

  1. Paul

    I love the taste pf the pink lemonade and cherry vanilla. Perfect flavor. I just started this new supplement and cant wait to see the results. I need a few less lines on face and a little less pain in my knees. Will keep you posted.

  2. Paul Dorey (verified owner)

    Long awaited and well worth it

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

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Revolutionizing Beauty and Wellness with MoriKol® Marine Collagen Tripeptide

Embark on a groundbreaking journey with MoriKol® Marine collagen tripeptide. Rejuvenate is the first-of-its-kind drink that uses MoriKol®. MoriKol® is a marine collagen tripeptide that is combined with hyaluronic acid, ceralock rice ceramides, dermaval superfood blend, pureway vitamin C (which is the best vitamin C available), and vitamins A, B, D, and E in a delicious, easy-to-consume format.

Reduce Visible Signs Of Aging With

Fortifeye Rejuvenate!

What Goes Into Fortifeye Rejuvenate?

Explore Rejuvenate's Nutritional Supplement Facts

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And Much More...

Anything Else We Didn't Cover?

Yes! We have a whole website dedicated to the scientific research behind Fortifeye FIT here!

On the original drawing board, and in the lab, FIT was formulated with the athlete in mind due to its anti-inflammatory and total body recovery properties. The research and testing did show exactly what Dr. Michael Lange and Dr. Richard Hall thought, it is excellent for the athlete at all levels, and for both men and women…however, a totally unexpected result showed the two doctors that FIT was an excellent supplement for other groups…namely teenagers and seniors. The teenage athlete is focused on building the two Performance Factors in their bodies, specifically, strength and adding muscle mass. Seniors should be concerned about the same two processes, building strength, and retaining/building lean muscle mass. We have 15 year old athletes using FIT with tremendous results, as well as, people in their 70s, 80s and 90s , with equally impressive results.

Our FIT formula does not contain either of these elements. Unlike so called “energy drinks”, FIT does not rely on caffeine, stimulants and high amounts of sugar to increase the bodies energy levels and to facilitate recovery.

We actually offer two flavors, Fruit Punch, and Strawberry/Watermelon. Both have a tart fruity taste, and yes, we suggest a natural spring water, or Watt-Ahh water as a mixer. You can however make FIT into a delicious smoothie by adding milk, such as A2 or goat’s milk, and even adding fresh fruit in a blender.

Dr. Michael Lange and Dr. Richard Hall have both observed that younger athletes do not recover properly after exercise or competition, so FIT is perfect to stay on track, recover and get the most from their workouts.

Lack of ROM and DOMS are directly related to lack of proper recovery….and they can be remedied rather simply with proper hydration, replacing electrolytes, proper protein after exercise,, muscle stretching, and of course, FIT, THE ULTIMATE MUSCLE FUEL!

Absolutely not necessary…our formula is instatized for easy blending, so as we say, ” no lumps, clumps or bumps”

Typical shipping for USPS packages are 4-6 business days. International and large shipments may vary in shipment time. Free shipping only applies to United States shipments. Free shipping promotions does not apply to international orders.

You will receive an email with your tracking number after you place an order.

Look Better. Feel Better.

Experience a transformative journey with Fortifeye Rejuvenate. This revolutionary supplement tackles visible signs of aging for improved skin, hair, and nails while addressing joint discomfort. Backed by scientific research, it safeguards collagen, hydrates skin, and supports joint health, ensuring you both look and feel better.

Rejuvenates Skin, Hair, & Nails

Supports Joint Health

Scientifically-Backed Formula

Nutritional Information

Fortifeye Rejuvenate’s nutritional profile boasts a comprehensive blend of Marine collagen tripeptides, hyaluronic acid, rice ceramides, PureWay liposomal Vitamin C, Biotin, and a unique mix of potent ingredients.

Additionally, Fortifeye is the first company in the industry to combine 9 superfoods by adding the Dermaval® Collagen Blend to its formula.

This carefully crafted formula provides essential vitamins and minerals, delivering a synergistic approach to support skin, hair, nails, and joint health.

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) Oil Powder 3g
Morikol® (Tripeptide Marine Collagen) 1g
Hyaluronic Acid 100mg
PureWay Liposomal Vitamin C 90mg
Dermaval® Collagen Blend 50mg
Ceralok® Rice Ceramides 40mg
Biotin 200mcg

Non-GMO & All-Natural Flavor

All of the flavors used in Fortifeye Rejuvenate are 100% all natural flavor without using any artificial sweeteners.

We believe in providing a quality delicious nutrient powder that is healthy and enjoyable to drink. Enjoy the refreshing and delicious taste of Pink Lemonade, Cherry Vanilla, and Chocolate flavors. We also have an unflavored option for those who wish to flavor Fortifeye Rejuvenate themselves!

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Supplement

Fortifeye Rejuvenate stands as the ultimate anti-aging supplement, distinguished by its powerful blend of ingredients including the Dermaval® collagen blend. Harnessing the potency of Marine collagen tripeptides, hyaluronic acid, rice ceramides, and a fusion of clinically proven elements, this formula goes beyond conventional skincare.

Backed by extensive research and designed by Fortifeye Vitamins’ expert team, it addresses the visible signs of aging comprehensively, making it a pioneering solution for those seeking a holistic and effective approach to anti-aging.

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