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Fortifeye FIT

The ultimate pre and post workout nutritional supplement powder.

23.2 oz 20 Servings   /


Fortifeye Fit is a carefully thought-out Doctor developed all in one pre-workout and post work out supplement using the very latest in nutritional science.

This powder was developed using all of the highest quality ingredients with no dyes, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or carrageenan.

All of the latest sports nutrition science was taken into consideration in the development of this formula to enhance muscle synthesis, strength and endurance. Explore how Fortifeye can push you to the limits during your workout!

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All The Best Ingredients

In One Container

Most supplements only contain one or two ingredients in a container. Fortifeye FIT has 9 of the best ingredients for strength training, providing you with more value.





Work Out Longer And Harder With

Fortifeye FIT

What Goes Into Fortifeye FIT?

And Much More...

Anything Else We Didn't Cover?

Yes! We have a whole website dedicated to the scientific research behind Fortifeye FIT here!

On the original drawing board, and in the lab, FIT was formulated with the athlete in mind due to its anti-inflammatory and total body recovery properties. The research and testing did show exactly what Dr. Michael Lange and Dr. Richard Hall thought, it is excellent for the athlete at all levels, and for both men and women…however, a totally unexpected result showed the two doctors that FIT was an excellent supplement for other groups…namely teenagers and seniors. The teenage athlete is focused on building the two Performance Factors in their bodies, specifically, strength and adding muscle mass. Seniors should be concerned about the same two processes, building strength, and retaining/building lean muscle mass. We have 15 year old athletes using FIT with tremendous results, as well as, people in their 70s, 80s and 90s , with equally impressive results.

Our FIT formula does not contain either of these elements. Unlike so called “energy drinks”, FIT does not rely on caffeine, stimulants and high amounts of sugar to increase the bodies energy levels and to facilitate recovery.

We actually offer two flavors, Fruit Punch, and Strawberry/Watermelon. Both have a tart fruity taste, and yes, we suggest a natural spring water, or Watt-Ahh water as a mixer. You can however make FIT into a delicious smoothie by adding milk, such as A2 or goat’s milk, and even adding fresh fruit in a blender.

Dr. Michael Lange and Dr. Richard Hall have both observed that younger athletes do not recover properly after exercise or competition, so FIT is perfect to stay on track, recover and get the most from their workouts.

Lack of ROM and DOMS are directly related to lack of proper recovery….and they can be remedied rather simply with proper hydration, replacing electrolytes, proper protein after exercise,, muscle stretching, and of course, FIT, THE ULTIMATE MUSCLE FUEL!

Absolutely not necessary…our formula is instatized for easy blending, so as we say, ” no lumps, clumps or bumps”

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Energy Without The Jitters

Unlike most workout powders that use caffeine and other stimulants, Fortifeye fit uses 3 natural ingredients (creatine, d-ribose and astaxanthin) to support the production of ATP (clean energy). The most advanced carbohydrate, cluster dextrin, is used to provide explosive power and prolonged energy and endurance. Cluster dextrin also aids in rapid recovery by replenishing muscle glycogen which:

Is Better For Your Heart

Gives Clarity Of Mind

Lowers Risk Of Blood Clots

Due To Heart Arrhythmias

Nutritional Information

Fortifeye FIT uses the best ingredients to provide nutritional benefits to have a better workout. 

Each serving utilizes a perfect blend of 10 nutrient-rich vitamins including Astaxanthin, Creatine, Collagen, Amino Acids, and more, providing you with the right balance of performance enhancing nutrition.

Calcium 25g
Carbohydrates 15g
Total Sugars 7g
Protein 5g

All Organic And Natural

All of the flavors used in Fortifeye FIT are 100% all natural without using any artificial sweeteners.

We believe in providing a quality delicious nutrient powder that is healthy and enjoyable to drink. With only 7g of sugar, enjoy the refreshing and delicious taste of Fruit Punch and/or Strawberry Watermelon flavors.

The Ultimate Pre And Post Workout Powder

We use only the best ingredients in Fortifeye FIT. Unlike most powders that split ingredients up into separate products, we combine them into the ultimate pre and post workout powder.

Additionally, Fortifeye FIT is one of the only nutritional powder on the market that uses astaxanthin, which produces a phenomenal amount of endurance and energy in the body and enhances workout recovery.

Join Thousands In Getting Fit With Fortifeye FIT!

Start Getting Fit Today!

Discover The Power Of Fortifeye FIT

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