Fortifeye Next Gen Curcumin Fueled by Curcugen
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Fortifeye Next Gen Curcumin Fueled by Curcugen

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Fortifeye Next Gen Curcumin Fueled by Curcugen (30 Capsules)

The Fortifeye team of doctors have been researching and looking for the best curcumin supplement for many years. They have used many different brands over the years and have found that the absorption is very poor on tumeric and curcumin supplements. To enhance the absorption properties many synthetic agents are often added or ingredients that have potential long term health risks associated with them. Fortifeye Vitamins wanted a curcumin that was as natural as they come with clinical studies to prove the superior absorption properties. In their quest for the best curcumin supplement, they were introduced to the newest curcumin on the market called Curcugen. They did a small pilot study with a gummy and capsule containing Curcugen and were impressed enough to select Curcugen as their curcumin of choice. Fortifeye Next Gen Curcumin was born. This next generation curcumin comes in a delicious gummy or a capsule.

  • 39-times enhanced bioavailability (Free Curcumin)
  • Supports overall well-being
  • Antioxidant
  • Reduces exercise-induced pain and discomfort
  • Supports immunity
  • Fully natural turmeric- oleoresin extract
  • Patent-pending SELFD™ technology
  • 50% curcuminoids
  • Retained turmeric essential oils
  • Natural curcuminoid ratios
  • Sustained released mechanism
  • Self-dispersing properties
  • Versatile delivery options
  • Clinically proven

Curcugen™ is a clean, highly concentrated, clinically-studied curcumin ingredient, fully derived from a turmeric base with a high, 50% curcuminoid concentration.
It is derived from turmeric oleoresin as base ingredient with a more comprehensive profile of turmeric bioactives than the industry- standard starting material, 95% curcuminoids.
The oleoresin is the native matrix where turmeric’s curcuminoids, essential oils and resins are found, which support its unique characteristics as a food and health ingredient.

The Curcugen™ oleoresin is optimized by the patent-pending SELFD™ platform technology. In this unique format, the natural ratio of curcuminoids is maintained, its beneficial essential oils are retained, and otherwise discarded resins are made functional. The functional resins in Curcugen™ add significant value to the ingredient, enhancing the bioavailability and dispersion properties.

This unique technology enhances free curcumin’s bioavailability 39 fold, delivers a self-dispersion profile for easy and versatile delivery options, and provides a sustained release mechanism for efficient dosing.

.Curcugen® is a dispersible, 98.5% turmeric-based curcuminoids formula, 39-times bioavailability-enhanced to improve plasma absorption and clinical efficacy. A next generation curcuminoids formula, Curcugen® is synergized by numerous turmeric-native actives, is food and beverage friendly, has a self-affirmed GRAS assessment, and is uniformly compliant to meet regulatory standards in markets across the globe.

Curcuminoids, turmeric essential oils and resins are naturally housed within the turmeric oleoresin. They are exclusively represented in Curcugen® and complemented by a diverse spectrum of other turmeric native compounds. Curcugen’s full-spectrum profile benefits from the strategic and patent-protected application of safe, food-grade solvents and precipitants.

Curcugen® is the only oleoresin-sourced turmeric active on the market to generate its absorption benefit from the dispersion power found in a previously ignored turmeric native – ‘polar’ resins.












Curcugen® uniquely delivers the same ratio of curcuminoid analogues – curcumin, demethoxycurcumin (DMC) and bisdemethoxycurcumin (BDMC) – as found in the turmeric rhizome in its food state, or as its primary derivative, the oleoresin. While Curcugen® is concentrated to a 50% standard of curcuminoids, it is not hyper-purified, as is common with other curcuminoid formulations. Therein, Curcugen® retains a closely matched ratio of these cousin-molecules to what is natural, and found most familiarly in food.









In an 18-subject, cross-over pharmacokinetics study over 24-hours, Curcugen®, at 2000 mg of curcuminoids equivalents enhanced FREE-curcumin bioavailability by 39X that of placebo, and proved 52.5-times more bioavailable for Total Curcuminoids than standardized curcumin 95% (C-95).

Curcugen® is one of the first curcuminoids formulas to prove an increase in the bioavailability of endogenously-produced tetrahydrocurcumin (THC). THC is thought to be a more potent antioxidant than curcumin, although curcuminoid analogues appear to still offer more potent inflammatory signal modulation than THC. Curcugen® enhanced total THC bioavailability by 31X over C-95.

Curcugen’s efficacy is backed by several, published clinical studies in the dosage range of 500 – 1000 mg/day. The Curcugen study portfolio will continue to grow with additional clinical studies underway or in active peer review. Please contact our team for periodic updates.









Nutritional support for pain and inflammation

Doctor Approved

Scientifically Formulated

Thoroughly Tested



Product Information

Standardized on Curcuminoids 50%

Type of extract Powder

Properties Water dispersible

Bioavailability increased 39x

Recommended dosage 500 mg/day

Supporting Science

14 Jul 2021 — DolCas Biotech’s latest pharmacokinetic data reveals its natural native curcumin extract has a 39-fold enhanced bioavailability capability compared to conventional curcuminoids.

The 17-subject randomized, crossover study published in Medicine evaluated the dispersible Curcugen, a 98.5 percent native turmeric (50 percent curcuminoid concentrate) formulation, against conventionally extracted C-95 (a 95 percent curcuminoid extract) to determine the degree of enhanced absorption by the patented brand.

“In understanding the nuances of the curcumin market, we were aware that investigations measuring curcuminoids absorption in the plasma were incomplete,” Dr. Shavon Jackson-Michel, the director of medical and scientific affairs at Dolcas Biotech, tells NutritionInsight.


“To establish a baseline to compare with other brands commercially and to comprehensively evaluate Curcugen’s formulation benefits, we sought a study design that was inclusive of all of these parameters,” she adds.

Absorption explained
These latest findings build on prior investigations, which found that enhanced free curcumin is directly linked to the compound’s ability to bypass the resistance that unformulated curcuminoids encounter when entering the bloodstream and target tissues.

Free curcumin analysis is a direct measurement of the proportion of curcumin ingested that is absorbed across the intestinal barrier and found intact in the plasma.

“There are bioavailability-enhanced curcumin extracts that contain synthetic bio-enhancers that may be regulated and acceptable in the pharma industry but not received as well in the natural foods space,” Jackson-Michel explains.

“There are a greater majority of curcuminoid extracts that contain natural but non-native bio-enhancers which often contribute to more than half of the formulations’ composition,” she says.

“Curcugen’s offering of a 98.5 percent turmeric native composition is showing the dual benefit of having real fidelity to the turmeric rhizome while simultaneously being bioavailable and effective at moderate doses,” she adds.

Natural curcumin extract
Curcugen (the 98.5 percent turmeric-based curcuminoids formula) takes a more natural method to enhance the absorption of curcuminoids.

In concentrating curcuminoids to a 50 percent standard, Curcugen co-extracts turmeric-native resins that are polar and offers the patented “Self-D” bioenhancer-like benefits that facilitate dispersibility.

Curcugen, with its 98.5 percent turmeric-derived base, also prioritizes the presence of other turmeric natives, like polysaccharides and essential oils.

Through enhancement of the brand’s dispersion characteristics, these contribute additional value to both bioavailability and bioactivity.

“We believe there will be many benefits attributed to our natural curcumin extract, including safety benefits as well as efficacy benefits. We have already shown clinical benefits in gut health, as well as mood-related benefits associated with improved gut health,” Jackson-Michel states.

“Curcugen’s natural curcuminoids profile paralleling the native ratio of curcumin, DMC (demethoxycurcumin) and BDMC (bisdemethoxycurcumin) in turmeric root has also proven to have a high safety profile, both in acute and chronic, repeat dose usage,” she notes.

Curcumin ingredient on the rise
Curcugen was previously found to reduce self-reported gastrointestinal symptoms like reflux, abdominal pain, indigestion, diarrhea, and constipation.

To add to this, curcumin’s anti-inflammatory pathway may boost both mood and digestive health through the gut-brain axis, according to prior DolCas research.

Meanwhile, a new animal study in India shows that Akay Natural Ingredients’ patented curcumin ingredient can cross the blood-brain barrier and locate which parts of the brain free-form curcuminoids reach.

Moreover, spiceuticals from curcumin, ginger and frankincense are positioned against inflammation.


“We have shown health benefits associated with exercise-induced inflammation and joint health using Curcugen,” Dr. Jackson-Michel explains.

By Nicole Kerr 


Curcugen effective at reducing post workout pain and improving range of motion (ROM) so is proving to be a great asset for sports nutrition.

Curcugen Curcumin Formulation Evidenced To Attenuate Post-Exercise Inflammation | Nutraceuticals World

Curcugen in Fortifeye Next Gen Curcumin is effective at reducing pain in patients with osteo arthritis a double-blind placebo controlled study proves. Many customers and patients taking Fortifeye Next Gen Curcumin have experienced significant pain relief:

An Investigation into the Effects of a Curcumin Extract (Curcugen®) on Osteoarthritis Pain of the Knee: A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study – PMC (

Improved digestive health with Curcugen

Efficacy of a curcumin extract (Curcugen™) on gastrointestinal symptoms and intestinal microbiota in adults with self-reported digestive complaints: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study – PubMed (

The role of Curcugen in aging and senescence: Molecular mechanisms

Role of Curcumin in retinal diseases-A review:

Multi-Ingredient Supplement Improvements

Curcumin Acts To Regress Macular Drusen Volume In Dry AMD Study

How To Use

Take one capsule daily, for intense support take 2 capsules daily as a split dose, do no exceed the dose unless advised by a health care practitioner.

  • Curcugen® has an LD50 > 5,000 mg/kg in an animal model, establishing it as a safe ingredient in an acute, single-dose model.
  • A 90-day, chronic, repeat dose OECD-guided toxicity study in an animal model has also proven Curcugen® to be safe > 2000 mg/kg/day.
  • Curcugen® has also proven not to produce genotoxicity or mutagenicity, as per OECD-testing procedures.


Q: What is meant by next-GENeration curcumin®?

A: The ‘next-GENeration’ label is being given to Curcugen® because of its unique sourcing material and food-state matrix i.e.oleoresin, the novel technology used to extract high levels of curcuminoids from this starting material while maintaining a diverse spectrum of other turmeric constituents, and the versatility of its formulation across the dietary supplement, food and beverage industry. Further, this term obliges the highest of industry standards of substantiation, by taking up a comprehensive safety and clinical research program.

Q: What is Curcugen’s® composition?

A: Curcugen® is 98.5% turmeric-oleoresin derived, is standardized to 50% curcuminoids and contains both turmeric essential oils and ‘polar’ turmeric resins.Further, it contains 1.5% of a flow agent.

Q: What are ‘polar’ resins?

A: Turmeric oleoresins include resins that polar and non-polar in character. The Self-D™ technology is able to capture the polar resins, meaning those with an electrical charge. The benefit of the polar resins, which are novel to the Curcugen® brand, is that when they are complexed with curcuminoids, they attract water toward the molecule, overcoming curcumin’s natural hydrophobicity. In a fluid medium the matrix is activated allowing for a slow release function and a dispersing quality.

Q: How is Curcugen® different than turmeric oleoresin?

A: Curcugen® is an optimized turmeric oleoresin extract. Through the Self-D technology, the more ‘polar’ resins are retained, along with some essential oils; they are complexed with curcuminoids, which are enriched to a 50% standard. Turmeric oleoresin itself contains resins in their natural form, not optimized for bioavailability and curcuminoids in a much smaller concentration.

Q: How is Curcugen® different than 95% curcuminoids?

A: 95% curcuminoids are derived from turmeric oleoresin. 95% curcuminoids are a purified form of the oleoresin, whereby the essential oils and resins are lost during manufacturing. Again, Curcugen® retains both essential oils and the more ‘functional’ resins, while maintaining a significantly substantial concentration of curcuminoids, at a 50% standard.

Q: How many more times bioavailable is Curcugen® than unformulated curcumin?

A: Curcugen® is 39-times more bioavailable than unformulated/95%-curcuminoids, as demonstrated by a 18-subject cross-over designed study.

Q: What is the clinical dose for Curcugen®?

A: The clinical dose for Curcugen® is between 500-1000 mg per day.

Q: Is Curcugen® a clinically-studied ingredient?

A: Yes. Curcugen® is being evaluated clinically. A pharmacokinetics/bioavailability study and (3) clinical studies have already been initiated on the ingredient. See the ‘Clinical Research’ tab on Curcugen’s product page for additional information. 

Q: Is Curcugen® safe?

A. Yes. Curcugen® has been proven to be safe according to OECD Safety testing. The acute toxicity study resulted in a LD50 > 5,000 mg/kg and the sub-chronic, repeat dose, 90-day toxicity study has confirmed safety in an animal model at > 2000 mg/kg/day. See the ‘Safety’ tab on Curcugen’s product page for additional information.  

Q: Is Curcugen® GRAS?

A. Curcugen® has not been established as GRAS as of yet, however it is pending a self-affirmed GRAS determination at this time.

Q; Is Curcugen® dispersible in water?

A. Yes. Curcugen® is water-dispersible. However, it is not water-soluble.

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39 reviews for Fortifeye Next Gen Curcumin Fueled by Curcugen

  1. Arlene

    I have Lupus; I am always nervous trying new products especially curcumin, it always gives me heart burn & icky burp back, but curcugen has changed my life! This product is outstanding. I don’t get any burp back or bad taste, it has cut my inflammation from pain scale six to zero, cuts my anxiety, while providing energy and amazing mental clarity along with less bloating and great digestion! I have such amazing energy & clarity & it’s so fast acting & long acting with just one capsule. I’m always worried about taking new things, but I am extremely pleased with this product. Thank you Dr. Lange for yet again a phenomenal product! I am very excited taking this thank you so much and the price is beyond affordable. I highly recommend this product.

  2. Nita (store manager)

    It has reduced the inflammation in my hip and shoulder. I have tried different products that have only given temporary relief. I no longer have any pain. I’m able to resume my walking and exercise routine.

  3. Dr Mike

    This is the first supplement I have ever taken that decreased my knee and back pain significantly in two days! The development of this form of curcumin is a major advancement in turmeric / curcumin absorption science. I will be recommending this to my patients.

  4. Shirley

    I recently broke a rib. I’ve been in extreme pain. The attending physician prescribed pain medication and steroids.
    I began taking a combination of curcugen, Omega-3 Max fish oil and black currant oil a few days ago and the results have been remarkable!
    I have been able to completely discontinue the pain medication and the steroids and I remain pain free. Actually, this combination works better than the pain medication and the steroids, because I am not walking around in a fog and I’m not emotionally wound up from the steroids.
    I am so grateful; I no longer feel the need to take the synthetic garbage and I am able to achieve better results naturally.
    Thank you Dr. Lange You and your products make such a huge difference and Arlene is such an inspiration and great help with her knowledge!!!

  5. Gail P. (verified owner)

    Just started today, ❤️

  6. Ron Brewer (verified owner)

    Thank you for shipping it to me I got it on Monday which was great thank you for using the US Postal Service I appreciate that also. I’ve been taking two tablets a day all week and have noticed a decrease in the pain in my back. I’ll get back with you more when I take it for another week or so and let you know. I talked to Arlene on Saturday when I ordered, it was great very nice very professional very informative.

  7. Joe. Hannigan (verified owner)

  8. Brigitte. Bowden (verified owner)

    just got the order Thurs afternoon so after 2 days of taking the capsules (have taken 2 x a day ..5 caps so far)…so I am not sure yet.. ask me again after the weekend..though I am impressed with your quick delivery .

  9. Linda (verified owner)

  10. sherry s. (verified owner)

    High quality supplements! Unbeatable customer service always!!

  11. Jerry W. (verified owner)

    No Irritating additives for delivery of the curcumin!

  12. Ric.Longo

    Just started taking this and wow for some reason seems to have increased my energy levels.

  13. Lori W. (verified owner)

    Very easy to order and very fast delivery

  14. skr251 (verified owner)

    the best available!

  15. Mary Gonzalez (verified owner)

  16. Mary Gonzalez (verified owner)

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

  18. michael s. (verified owner)

  19. Chuck G. (verified owner)

  20. Jan Meyers (verified owner)

    I had partial left shoulder surgery and before I took Next Gen Curcumin I had pain and stiffness in my shoulder and could not sleep on my left side. After taking this supplement for about a week I can now sleep on both sides with no problem. I won’t be without it. Thank you Dr. Lange!

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

  22. Frank Briscoe (verified owner)

  23. AL D. (verified owner)

  24. ckgalati (verified owner)

    I deal with severe vertigo and always hope the last one was, my last one. After coming out of the last episodes, my eyes felt like they were vibrating/quivering if you will. I couldn’t be on the computer or phone for more that 5 minutes with the blue light filter on, light turned down as low as it could go before being off and wearing blue blocker glasses. TV had to be in black & white and also brightness turned down. Drapes always had to shut because of the brightness. Dr. Lange has been my ophthalmologist for years and I finally asked him about it at my appointment. He suggested to try this to see if it would help with any possible swelling plus it would help with any aches and pains I might be dealing with. I wasted no time and took it on the way home from his office. I was desperate! Obviously nothing different that night but the next morning upon waking up, I noticed it was gone! I thought it was “coincidence” & “it can’t be, I only took one pill”! Keep taking it. A week later, I felt even better than the first day. He was right, little aches and pain were gone too. I am now able to go back to being normal. Computer time is now how long I want. TV is back to being normal and w color! I can even open the drapes and let the sunshine in again!
    I ran out and it came back slowly. I went for 5 days without it before making a special trip just for it! I will NEVER be without it again! Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough for what you’ve done for me! I value your knowledge and appreciate your wisdom, Dr. Lange!!!!!

  25. Donald R. (verified owner)

    An efficient way to combat inflammation. The highest potency on the market and no black pepper to antagonize your digestive system.

  26. Tom Bluemling (verified owner)

    Not sure how it works but I trust Dr Lange and dr hall

  27. Richard Jones (verified owner)

    person on phone very helpful and product promptly deliver by USPS. I am a long time user of Fortifeye products and fully endorse them.

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    same as above

  29. Sheryl S. (verified owner)

    Great natural remedy product
    I no longer have to use man made meds for my arthritis issues
    Suggest making larger bottles for purchase
    Thank you
    Sheryl S.

  30. Mary Gonzalez (verified owner)

  31. Amelia G Pattiasina (verified owner)

    Its very good product. Especially for me.

  32. Sheryl Shearer (verified owner)

    This is vital to my daily function
    I no longer need the artificial meds prescribed by doctors
    Great product
    Please offer in a 90 day supply bottle

  33. Frank B. (verified owner)

  34. Sheryl Shearer (verified owner)

    The best thing in the world to relieve the aches and pains of growing older
    Wish they came in s 90 day supply bottle

  35. Bob McCann (verified owner)

  36. Catherina Ingenito (verified owner)

    Is very good price

  37. Catherina Ingenito (verified owner)

    Is very good price

  38. Michael

    Wow, I was surfing the web for a curcumin product and came across Fortifeye. I read the testimonials and the science and figured I would try it too. The first few weeks didn’t notice any improvement at all. However, week 3 I was able to run a 5 k for the first time with no knee pain in five years. I have been on this Next Gen Curcumin for about six months now and I won’t stop it. This is the first non-prescription supplement I have tried that has worked on my knee pain.

  39. Patricia Southward (verified owner)

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