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Fortifeye Macular Defense


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Fortifeye Macular Defense is a cost effective Nutraceutical bringing the very latest in nutrition for total body wellness and macular support.

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The most potent addition to the Fortifeye line of science-based Nutraceuticals is Fortifeye Macular Defense. This Nutraceutical has been in development stage for many years. A multitude of intracellular and plasma blood tests were used in clinical settings with macular degeneration patients to determine what would be optimal for this formula. Fortifeye Macular Defense has taken the latest in nutritional science to create formulas to aid in the defense against free radical damage in the eye and body.

This formula was created to minimize nutritional deficiencies and maximizeimagesCAD3ONKRthe total antioxidant function at a cellular level. Fortifeye has increased the ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) to over 33% higher than Fortifeye Complete. This is the same exact formula as Fortifeye Complete However, it is 33% stronger calling for 3 tablets daily. Fortifeye Macular Defense has higher levels of the specific nutrients that have been studied extensively by Fortifeye. 33% higher levels of all the nutrients listed in the Fortifeye Complete have been added to the Fortifeye Macular Defense making it one of the strongest antioxidants available from Fortifeye.

This formula was developed initially for the macular degeneration patient but is now being used imagesCAIISHAKextensively throughout the world for extreme athletes, immune deficiencies, smokers, heavy drinkers, overweight patients, patients on medications that can block antioxidant uptake, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy patients. Fortifeye Macular Defense was developed to aid patients that are in need of higher dosages of specific time-tested nutrients.

These vitamins should be taken in three divided dosages with food to maximize absorption.

Fortifeye Macular Defense can be taken alone or with Fortifeye Super Omega, or Fortifeye Focus. Fortifeye Vitamin formulas have helped many patients to maintain their independence and in certain cases regain their independence thru better vision and/or better health-giving hope thru proper nutrition. Specific nutrients known to have high ORAC values were used to increase the overall ORAC value in this supplement. Increasing total ORAC score will aid in the reduction of free radical damage and oxidative stress in the body and eye. Studies now indicate that decreasing the oxidative stress in the body may aid in prevention or slow down the degenerative diseases in the body and eye.

Ongoing in-house clinical studies using the latest in intracellular and plasma blood testing will continue be used to further enhance the Fortifeye line of Nutraceuticals. Current nutritional imagesCAVR9TL2science recommends eating 10-12 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This can be a very difficult task in today’s busy environment. The Fortifeye Macular Defense can help individuals gain some of the antioxidants they may not be getting in their diet. Many changes in this new formula have been made to maximize absorption. Many new nutrients have been added, many current nutrients have been either increased, decreased or molecular structure changed to aid in absorption.

Fortifeye Vitamins are developed to deliver complete nutritional support for total body and eye health. Specific nutrients in precise ratios have been used to give nutritional support to the eye.  These nutrients may also give Nutritional support to the entire body.  Fortifeye Vitamins when combined with proper diet, hydration, sleep and exercise promotes healthy aging from the inside out.

Fortifeye’s goal with Fortifeye Macular Defense was to develop a science based all in one supplement. Patients would not have to have numerous bottles and boxes scattered about and be concerned about sterility, cost and compliance. Fortifeye Macular Defense is a cost-effective Nutraceutical bringing the very latest in nutrition for total body wellness and vision support. Fortifeye Macular Defense is a more powerful version of Fortifeye Complete with higher levels of specific nutrients to aid in retinal health especially in the macular degenerative patient. Thousands of patients throughout the world are taking the Fortifeye Vitamins with great results. Whether you are a young or old Fortifeye may be right for you! Maybe its time to try the supplements being recommended by Optometrists and Ophthalmologists all over the globe.

Fortifeye Macular Defense is based on all of the latest nutritional science and research for macular degeneration.  There are specific reasons the formula has the exact nutrients and ratios.  Example: there is no beta carotene in this formula because it blocks the absorption of beneficial carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin.  Macular degeneration patients need these valuable carotenoids to promote and protect macular health.  The Fortifeye Vitamin team of doctors recommends taking these supplements with food however no multi vitamins, carrots or sweet potatoes should be consumed for a few hrs  before or after these vitamins.  These specific foods are very high in beta carotene and may block the absorption of the eye healthy carotenoids.

Fortifeye always recommends discussing your nutritional supplements with your health care provider and or eye care provider. Read ingredient profile and make sure you are not allergic to anything in the formula before taking.  Always take with food and not on an empty stomach and best not to take all at one time, take with different meals during the day. Example: when taking 3 per day take one with breakfast, lunch and supper.

Fortifeye has been working on four new evidence-based supplements to be released before the end of 2023.  Fortifeye Fit Pro, Fortifeye Rejuvenate, Fortifeye Vegan Super Protein and Fortifeye Optic Nerve and Eye Pressure Support.  Fortifeye Fit Pro will be the latest in nutritional support to help combat against muscle wasting called sarcopenia.  This new supplement will also help to support muscle synthesis, strength and endurance for all ages.  Doctor developed to be used as both a pre workout fuel and a post recovery fuel. Fortifeye Fit Pro will come in 5 flavors.  Fortifeye Rejuvenate will be one of the first in the industry to use marine collagen tripeptides, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, superfoods and a custom vitamin combination to bring the latest in nutritional support to the skin, hair, nails and joints.  Fortifeye Rejuvenate will come in 3 flavors.  Fortifeye Vegan Super Protein will be a combination of non gmo sprouted barley and sprouted pea protein making it a complete protein with amino acid profile similar to whey protein.  The pea protein is made in Canada and Barley Protein from USA.   After lot of development The Fortifeye Team was able to get rid of the typical chalky and grainy consistency of most vegan proteins.  Fortifeye Vegan Super Protein will be a welcomed supplement to the Fortifeye line.  Fortifeye Optic Nerve and Eye Pressure Support will be one of the first of its type globally.  This supplement will take the latest in nutritional science to support lower intra ocular pressure and neuro protection of the optic nerve.

Here is a link to the Perfect Meal for Macular Degeneration:  Dr. Michael Lange Creates the Perfect Meal for Macular Degeneration – Dr. Michael Lange (


Doctor Approved

Scientifically Formulated

Thoroughly Tested



Supporting Science

Scientific evidence for many of the nutrients in Fortifeye Macular Defense


NIH confirms vitamins do benefit macular degeneration:  NIH study confirms benefit of supplements for slowing age-related macular degeneration | National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Zinc may be good or bad for macular degeneration CFH and ARMS2 genetic polymorphisms predict response to antioxidants and zinc in patients with age-related macular degeneration – PubMed (

Lange Survival Diet recommended for ARMD patients:  The Lange Survival Diet – Dr. Michael Lange (

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Folate and B vitamins for macular degeneration:  Dietary folate, B vitamins, genetic susceptibility and progression to advanced nonexudative age-related macular degeneration with geographic atrophy: a prospective cohort study – PubMed (

Folate and B12 reduced risk of Macular Degeneration:  Folic Acid, Pyridoxine, and Cyanocobalamin Combination Treatment and Age-Related Macular Degeneration in Women: The Women’s Antioxidant and Folic Acid Cardiovascular Study | Macular Diseases | JAMA Internal Medicine | JAMA Network

Folic acid, B12 and B6 reduce risk of Macular Degeneration:  Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12 in Combination and Age-related Macular Degeneration in a Randomized Trial of Women (

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Bilberry for Macular degeneration:  [Dietary supplementation with bilberry extract prevents macular degeneration and cataracts in senesce-accelerated OXYS rats] – PubMed (

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Astaxanthin and eye disease :  Clinical Applications of Astaxanthin in the Treatment of Ocular Diseases: Emerging Insights (

Taurine and eye disease:  Taurine and oxidative stress in retinal health and disease (


Eye Health Studies:


How To Use


Count out the number of capsules specified in the ingredients and instructions


Take capsules after a meal with plenty of water.


Enjoy the benefits of living a healthier life with Fortifeye!


How long has Fortifeye been making Macular Degeneration vitamins and have they done any type of research and made any changes to the formula?

Fortifeye  started development of their first macular degeneration vitamin in 2003.  The Fortifeye Vitamin team utilized specific blood tests, intracellular nutrition studies , DNA testing, Omega index testing and much more to aid in the development of these macular degeneration vitamins.  By 2022 they have had 15 revisions in the Fortifeye Macular Defense supplement.  The Fortifeye team is constantly involved in the continued modifications and revisions to their formulas based on the latest research and science.  Fortifeye Macular Defense and Zinc Free Macular Defense are constantly evolving.


How many pills a day are ideal and how and when should you take the macular degeneration vitamins.

Doctors recommend taking one vitamin 3 times a day with a meal not on an empty stomach.


Should you take a multivitamin along with the Macular Defense?

It is not necessary to take a multi vitamin unless recommended by a doctor. Fortifeye Macular Defense and Zinc Free Macular Defense have a pretty complete antioxidant ingredient profile that targets the entire body not just the eyes.

There is no beta carotene in Fortifeye Macular Defense? Is beta carotene bad for the macular?

Beta carotene can bind onto binding sites on Lutein and zeaxanthin preventing absorption of these important macular nutrients. The Fortifeye Vitamin team also recommends avoiding intake of many foods containing beta carotene like carrots and sweet potatoes.  Do not ingest these foods within two hrs before or after taking the vitamin.

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