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Do you feel like you are getting weaker and muscle tone is decreasing as you get older?  You may have Sarcopenia.  What can you do?

Sarcopenia is an age-related condition that affects most of us starting around 60 years of age. Sarcopenia is progressive muscle atrophy and muscle wasting with decreased strength as we age.  More and more science is proving that through proper nutrition, exercise and certain nutritional supplements we can slow down this age-related condition and actually build muscle and strength into our later years.  However, many of the supplements you purchase these days are filled with potentially dangerous levels of stimulants, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, genetically modified sugars, binders and fillers.  Dr Michael Lange of the Lange Eye Institute is involved in eye care for the population that is most likely susceptible to sarcopenia. Dr Lange is also a certified nutrition specialist and became aware of this condition in his patients.  He worked on a supplement with the Fortifeye Vitamin team to bring all of the latest in nutritional support for sarcopenia.  Fortifeye Fit the Ultimate Muscle Fuel is the name of this evidence based nutritional supplement that comes in 2 flavors: strawberry watermelon cream or fruit punch.  Fortifeye Fit has become a huge hit all over the country and is being recommended by physicians, trainers, physical therapist and coaches. This supplement is being used by young and old athletes, professional and amateur athletes and anyone looking for the latest in nutritional support for their body.  Dr Lange has seen some dramatic improvements in his patients and gets many testimonials of improved strength and muscle tone. 
People must learn to adjust their dietary intake and eat more high quality organically raised proteins, fruits and vegetables and less overly processed, fast food, sugar filled and convenient foods. The Lange Survival Diet is a diet being recommended by many doctors and nutrition experts to aid in total body health and sarcopenia. Here is a link to the Lange Survival Diet The Lange Survival Diet – Dr. Michael Lange ( We must maintain or initiate an exercise routine initially supervised by a trainer, coach, physician or physical therapist.  We recommend everyone consult with their physician before starting an exercise regiment.  There is an abundance of current and emerging science in regard to specific nutritional supplements that may benefit sarcopenia.  Some of the supplements for Sarcopenia include collagen, creatine, whey protein, astaxanthin, branch chain amino acids, betaine anhydrous and much more.    Pre and post workout supplements are an emerging area in anti-aging nutrition that has a bright future helping all of us age more gracefully.  Sarcopenia is waging a war on the aging population however we do have some ammunition to help with this attack on our body.   Fortifeye Fit has taken 9 of the top evidence-based muscle building ingredients and combined them into a delicious powder that can be mixed in water or any beverage of choice.  Fortifeye Super Protein and Fortifeye Grass Fed Whey Isolate are two non-denatured grsss fed whey proteins that also play an important role in supporting muscle synthesis and strength.  The Doctors on the Fortifeye Vitamin team recommend combining Fortifeye Fit with one scoop of whey protein right after any type of workout or strenuous activity for maximum recovery and gains.  Fortifeye Fit can be used at any age.  Isn’t it time you joined the Fit Revolution? Here is a link to Fortifeye Fit
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